'Oman Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012' - artist Salim Al Salami.


Ancient cave paintings are the earliest surviving depictions of nature in art. Arabian wildlife now rare or extinct like the Ostrich, Ibex, Gazelle, Oryx, Hyena and Leopard as well as the domestic goats, sheep, cattle, camels and horses are all portrayed in Oman Cave Paintings.

As with much of the world human figures, animals and birds are found on Arabic art and architecture from its earliest beginnings and appear continually across all media and in different periods and regions.

Although not predominant in Arabic art, the figurative, appears in a wide variety of forms - paintings, relief works, and sculptures - and in a wide variety of media such as stone, mosaic, stucco, ivory, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, textiles, leather and paper.

In Arabia calligraphy became the dominant art form although today both painting and other art forms are also established.

KHALEELULLAH CHEMNAD www.worldofcalligraphy.com

Within Calligraphy a style called Anatomic Calligraphy has grown.Artists such as Khaleelullah Chemnad, Nurten Sahin and Ameena Ahmed create animal and bird forms using calligraphy. This is an idea that can be extended in many ways, maybe someone will combine Arabic calligraphy and painting more extensively sometime.

KIM DONALDSON www.kim-donaldson.com

Great artists such as American, Andrew Denman and African, Kim Donaldson already make use of text in their art. The possibilities are as big as the imagination!

ANDREW DENMAN www.andrewdenman.com
Painting its self comes in many styles, from photo realism to loose painterly and abstract. This is something that is within an artists personal character. An individual style develops as the artist develops.

Wildlife Artists are generally also naturalists with a passion for and deep knowledge of the natural world. Through their art most wildlife artists support the ongoing conservation efforts for our needy planet.

In Oman today the link with nature in Art and conservation is beginning to be made.

In April 2011 Omani artists with the backing of the Oman Fine Art Society and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs joined forces for an exhibition to mark Earth Day. 20 paintings of Oman Nature were exhibited. This exhibition helps to lead the way for art to help conservation in Arabia.

OMAN WILD ART hopes to encourage this link.


ROBERT BATEMAN - Artist / Conservationist


PACO YOUNG - Artist / Conservationist www.pacoyoung.com

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